HIGH-SPEED WINTER RACINGThe model with the air screw 2.5 cm grade3 designed and manufactured in a self-similar circle of Penza city station of young technicians. It is inherent excellent ride quality, stability and reliability of running. At the VI all-Union winter competitions, this model has a top speed 171,428 km/h and won first place.

On the model installed compression engine “Super Tiger”, which can be replaced by “meteor-2,5” in compression, the “Rhythm” or “MK-12V”.
The fuselage of the model cut from a 5-6-mm plywood. Special cut-outs (see figure) reinforce the front and rear skates and pole (it is made of stainless steel Х18Н9Т S1,5 mm or plywood S8—10 mm) thus, with respect to the longitudinal symmetry. With both sides glued a fake cover. After the glue has dried they were treated with a file and emery paper, giving a streamlined. Model putty, sanded, painted and varnished.
Pan engine cast alloy АЛ9 in the ground. It can also be made from plywood, lined with lime. Fairing Linden closes all units-rotor. It saw through holes for engine cooling, exhaust and suction pipes, filler.
Fig. 1. The model diagram
Fig. 1. The model diagram:
1 — sub frame, 2 — blister, 3 — pole, 4 — body, 5 — skate.

Fig. 2. The suspension unit skates
Fig. 2. The suspension unit skates

Fig. 3. The engine mount on the underframe.
Fig. 3. The engine mount on the underframe.
Fig. 4. Fuel tank.
Fig. 4. Fuel tank.
Fig. 5. Under engine frame.
Fig. 5. Under engine frame.
The fuel tank soldered tin is 0.3 mm. It has a plug for refilling and supply tube, located exterior in the course of the model wall. The fuel is fed under pressure taken from the crankcase; the latter communicates with the upper portion of the tank through specially sealed tube.
The skates are mounted on a spring suspension. It is two steel plates 1-1. 5 mm thick, riveted with a gap of 1.6 mm Prior to final fixation on a pin (rivet) skate wear from steel with a thickness of 1.5 mm, and the other spring wire OVS Ø 1.8 mm, bent like pins. Below horse had a certain move, it makes the groove for the pin limiter.
High-speed cord with a propeller — the fastest model of the VI all-Union winter competitions in self-similar sports. Its advantages: progressive layout, ease of fabrication, high stability of the results.
E. JONAS, head of self-similar laboratory, Penza

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