STARTER MOTORTo run the motor manually? And fingers will discourage, and not always with a half-turn wind up cranky diesels. And the competition time limit to run very hard. Did not fit in the allotted minute — and-goal instead of numbers in judicial protocols appear null.

The winners are those who runs the motors manual starter unit, consisting of a multiplier and the flywheel. Unfortunately, this device is quite difficult to manufacture, besides it is bulky and heavy. Can you make an easier starter?
In recent years, some modelers to winding engines used with success… notched rail. Thin steel strip rail, textolite inserted into the handle and is engaged with a gear mounted on the motor shaft. A jerk of the hand and the engine usually starts.
To make such a starter is not too difficult. You’ll need gear with outside Ø 16-20 mm. the tooth Module can be anything, however it is not necessary to use gears with too small a tooth — when the misalignment of the rails, which is inevitable at the start, they will quickly work together.
In gear it is necessary to cut a tapered hole corresponding to the landing cone of the motor shaft, and to pierce its ends so that the items formed two lugs. On one side of the screw — cut triangular grooves: a notch.
Fig. 1. Starter for micro-motors and its parts Fig. 1. Starter for micro-motors and its parts
Fig. 1. Starter for micro-motors and details:
1 — nut of fastening screw, 2 — washer, 3 air piit, 4 — restrictive washer, 5 — gear, 6 — shaft, 7 — the case latch, 8 — spring.

Fig. 2. Install the latches on the engine.
Fig. 2. Install the latches on the engine.
Fig. 3. Toothed rack.
Fig. 3. Gear rack.
Support of the rack when charging the Microdrive is a special latch — stock. The body of this node is machined from duralumin, the stock represents a segment of a steel rod Ø 6 mm. In operating position it is held by a helical spring wound from wire Ø0,25 mm.
It remains to manufacture the toothed rail. The length of its working part should be about 500 mm, and the thickness and height to match the gear width and the distance from the stem to the circumference of the depressions of the gear. The modules of the teeth of the rack and pinion must be identical.
Arm slats cut from two textolite plates to fit on the hand and propisyvaetsya the groove under the rail. Fastening the latter to the handle with M4 screws.
After mutual adjustment of parts, you are ready to start the engine. First of all, take stock, put the rack on the gear and lock it by the latch. Holding the model with the left hand, right hand pull sharply on the rail itself — the engine starts.

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