THE MACHINE DICTATES THE SPEEDIn the “M-K” No. 4 in 1983 was about a cord of car-class copies of “rally”, developed under the direction of E. Voronin. The design proved so simple and reliable that are built on published drawings of a micro-Skoda is not the first time, always steadily showing high results. I especially want to mention the original and again is extremely simple in scheme and execution of the automatic control (hold set) speed.
At competitions, we have to marvel at the fact that many refused to use this machine solely because of it’s simplicity! Reasoning, the opponents have established classic carbureted regulators and… were losing our members! But simplicity is not always synonymous with “childish” approach to the problem. This is often a sign of a truly engineering solutions!
On the basis of micro-Skoda designed and built a new model of “rally”. This is a copy of double passenger car Lancia Beta, Scorpion. The three-year operation of the previous microcosm allowed to improve some of the nodes. Such improvements — today’s story.
In contrast to the “Skoda” copy “Scorpion” from the very beginning was conceived of the permissible maximum mass up to 2 kg. Heavy model made it possible to achieve more stable speed and, most importantly, to improve the reliability of adhesion of the rubber of the wheels with the track. The last factor determines the slippage and hence the accuracy of holding the set speed.
The aluminum edges on the longitudinal side members of the chassis frame was replaced with steel, and used the standard profiles corners of 20X20 mm.
Another was the mounting system chassis in the back — just two screws. Now the whole chassis a node can be removed from the model for a few minutes (this often do in the breaks between attempts).
The rear wheel drive made to increase the stiffness of the front axle. In fact, it absolutely rigid, and the model steadily keeps track even without dampers suspension: force, knocking the bow, simply does not arise.
More reliable is the “shoes” of the model. For “Skoda” in spite of the massiveness of the material of the tire, the outside and inside of the hub of the observed delamination of the rubber. Well, at this model the delamination is eliminated, even when poorly executed welding: “comb” the hub here is “riddled” with holes Ø 0,8—1 mm.
The car class
The car class “rally”:
1 — the lower part of veclachi body, 2 — the headstock, gear, 3 — tape joint parts of the body, 4 — the upper part of veclachi body, 5 — jumper spars, 6 — holder of the front swaps, 7 — spar, 8 — simulated steering, 9 — simulated seat, a 10 — needle of the needle valve, 11 — back jumper spars, she’s the goods 12 — engine “Temp-2”, 13 vane spur, 14 — tube, feed motor, 15 — plate, 16 — tube depressurization of the tank (in the normal position pinched mustache machine stops) 17 — tube pressurization tank (connects to engine), 18 — fuel tank, 19 — pin fixation of the axis in the spacer tube, the 20 spacer tube, 21 — front axle, 22 front wheel 23 — additional weight, 24 — disc brake device of the automatic retention speed 25 — jumper tail spars and the mounting flange of the chassis on the body, 26 — cord strap, 27 — rubber liner.
Devices stop and hold the specified speed is not shown.

Since the engine has moved back to much easier access to the adjusting elements of the motor. In it put a screw kontrpartiya from the micro KMD-2,5. The fact that the staff who are fixing, turned away — and the mode of operation changed. Taken from the KMD and the nozzle. It is much whiter reliable and resistant to vibration, has the best integrity, which is important when the supply of fuel under pressure.
The lower threaded socket of Carter’s “Tempo” is used for mounting plate steel spur and closing below the engine plate. The latter simultaneously performs two functions:it prevents the emission of exhaust products in the direction of the track (in accordance with the requirements of the rules) and protects the carburetor from dirt and sand.
Automatic stop and speed control completely repeat the design of these mechanisms on “Skoda”. Cord strap out from under the body, slightly curving upwards. Although this is contrary to the recommendations, the stiffness of the suspension system on the lunge can not be considered absolutely necessary. In some cases even more profitable to plan in advance a movement model in the “motorcycle” — on two wheels.
In the manufacture of body completely repeat the method proposed in the article of E. Voronin. A line connector wiclic due to the features of the prototype moved higher. The scale 1 : 12, as “Skoda”.
After finishing work on the model it is weighed and a stock weight eliminate the extra loads. The main “weight” is concentrated on the engine and pressed firmly against the crankcase. The meaning of the solution is easy to understand when you consider the impact of vibration nezaboravnog motor on the clutch with the track, especially the models with “direct drive”. This is quite a surprise to many athletes and is little appreciated factor (for the first time in the practice of automodelisme it is mentioned in “M-K” No. 11 in 1986), largely determines both the speed of micromachines, and the constancy of the results in the class “rally”. Checking balance of “Tempo”, it is easy to see: if the horizontal position of the cylinder it even more profitable than KMD! And further reduce the level of vibrations “vibration table” can be increasing the mass of the plant.
Ready-made “Scorpion” is completely dismantled, the screw connection all-in-one coat epoxy glue and assemble the model completely. Under heads of screws detachable joints enclose washers.
Useful anodizing in black color shirt of the cylinder, making it completely invisible against the black matte background of a back of a body.

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