MODEL CLASS The model is made of balsa medium density (150 mg/cm3) and covered with microfilm. The fuselage and tail boom round (tubular) cross-section of plates with a thickness of 0.5 mm. Braces — thread No. 80.

The screw shaft and the rear hook of steel wire Ø 0,5 mm.
The microfilm stitched made on the basis of the mixture: enamel or dope (12 h), acetone (3 h), castor oil (1ch. — by volume).
The rubber motor is of the two strands of the rubber Pirelli-section 2×1 mm and a length of 300 mm.
All connections are glued Amalita.
Today we talk about the indoor model aircraft class K-2. It was built by Sergey Aleshin in the club of young technicians of the Kirov plant in Leningrad.
The competition in the two flights, he scored 512 points and took first place. In one of the attempts to model stayed in the air for 4 min 52 s. This result far exceeded the record of the city.
The weight of individual parts and components, mg:
The fuselage and tail boom — 800
Wing — 250
The stabilizer and fin — 150
Screw — 140
Pasted the model without rubber motor — 1540
The rubber motor — 1200
V. BASTANAK, instructor airmodelling mug

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