WING — OFFThe peculiarity of the proposed model rocket class “Hawk” — the displacement of the wing at takeoff. As this increases the area of the tail section, shifting the center of pressure of the model. The eye receives greater stability in flight with the engine running.

The fuselage of the rail cross-section 6X5 mm. In the forward part of the bracket is fixed to the container for the engine, glued the two layers of drawing paper.
The wing is made of balsa plate with a thickness of 4 mm. the Angle “V” — 10°. In its Central part is inserted and glued on the resin ED-5, two guide loops for attaching to the fuselage. To the front snob soldered hook that secures the elastic band which returns the wing in position for gliding flight. The other end of the elastic secured in the cutout of the bracket. To the lower surface of the adhered two plates, which relies ka wing stabilizer during takeoff. With stops, limiting the movement of the wing forward, is a piece of thick rubber and wedge from birch trees. It also creates the necessary angle of attack, which is selected when adjusting the model.
The stabilizer and fin from balsa plates of different thickness. They are glued to the underside of the rear fuselage.
1 — fairing (foam); 2 — container (drawing paper); 3 — bracket (balsa); 4 — emphasis (tires); 5 — guide rings (tin); 6 — elastic return; 7 — the wedge (birch); 8 — hook (tin); 9 — bracket guides (OVS Ø 1.5 mm); 10 — plate (balsa); 11 — the keel (balsa); 12 check (OBC Ø 1,5 mm); 13 — stabilizer (balsa); 14 — wing (balsa); 15 — loop (line Ø 0.5 mm); 16 — fuselage (pine).

Model coated with two layers of Amalita and peppered with napolcom crimson. Weight without engine 45
Flight model is as follows. Before the start of the wing is shifted backward. Check the wire for a loop of fishing line holds it in the starting position (in the figure it is shown by the dotted line). The start of the vertical rod. After burnout of the fuel is triggered lifting charge. The motor housing is separated from the container and pulls the wire Jong, connected with a thrust of steel wire Ø0,03 mm., the Elastic band returns to the wing in position for gliding flight.
V. ROZHKOV, master of sports of the USSR

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