SCOOTER FDDI was born in 1944, and almost from the first year of life I was haunted by a sound — an ominous growl bearings rolling on asphalt. The sound that accompanied the movement on a small wooden carts returned from the war disabled legless…

And at that time was a lot — according to current estimates, over three million. The majority of former fighters of order-bearers disappeared in the vast expanses of our country, but many settled in cities, including the capital of our country. And their only vehicle was at the time knocked together from planks truck with ball bearings, equipped with a pair of rough, reminiscent of the iron wood, which the disabled, starting from the road, causing her to move…

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TRUCK GAZ-53AOne of the most popular Soviet postwar trucks became the GAZ-51 or, as it was called drivers, is “lawn”. Released in 1946, this 2.5-ton vehicle became the basis for many specialized vehicles — trucks, tractors, vans, tankers, cranes and buses. However, as time went on, and won the national love the truck gradually handed over their positions — the country needed a more powerful, higher gross weight and higher speed machine.

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