Utterly exhausted by his refrigerator, which has neither a hot day, then another “surprise” in the starting relay, was forced to ask for help in workshop. There categorically stated: burnt start winding, you need to change or rewind the motor. And when I calculated what it cost me… well, I ventured on a self-experiment with Read more…


FAN... LAMPThe principle of operation of my proposed homemade svetvincenat “Whelan” is forced Ventilation of the Lamp bulb and heat the bottom of the room with warm air by sending heat to the floor, which is the “waste” of the light source. Moreover, the “Whelan” cleans the air from dust. And the lifespan of the lamp filament is thus significantly increased.

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MEET: DISCSIn the old days, when required to perform switching in the electric circuits when the voltage rises to a certain threshold, resorted to the use of polarized electromagnetic relay. However, the substantial size and weight, lack of reliability of the kinematics and contact pairs severely limited the use of these devices. Now in their place came a miniature non-contact thingies called discs. This four-layer semiconductor diodes whose structure is like a two transistor: p-n-p and n-p-n type, with the base of one is connected to the collector of the second, forming the internal positive feedback (Fig. 1).

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THREE-PHASE — IN HOME NETWORK“For the treatment of infield has decided to replace the tiller internal combustion engine electric. Already got polutoraterabaytny the motor. But it is three phase. How to connect to the network, where only one phase and “my best”?
N. PARIN, Kursk oblast
“I heard that three-phase electric motors in the home network the homebrew use phase-shifting (but not electrolytic) capacitors of large capacitance. Is this true?
V. CHUPIKOV, Dnipropetrovsk


AUTOMATIC-ECONOMYElectricity is steadily going up. So now even avid spenders are forced to take care of her savings, the benefit — there is a very wide selection of devices designed to save valuable kilowatt hours. Its rightful place is here and homemade machines off “extra” loads. It is gratifying that among the most interesting of them — the development receiving a “ticket to life” in the pages of “Modeller-designer” (see, for example, publications in № 4’89, 6’91, 9’92, 1’95, 7’2001 of the journal).

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REPLACEMENT OF ROM CIRCUITSAs a result of scientific-technical progress increases the degree of integration of integrated circuits (MS), including working in a permanent storage device (ROM). The developers of the micro-computer it is possible to use MS’s permanent memory with a larger capacity, thereby increasing the reliability of the computer while decreasing its size and power consumption. However, Amateur radio operators (especially in remote rural areas), this progress is often not happy. The reason is simple: cutting-edge MS from them or not at all, or they are, but beyond available to the programmer.

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