WALK ON WATERI live in Siberia, from an early age-hunting, fishing. Our wonderful Siberian. A lot of rivers and lakes. Rich in fish and game. Most of all I love to hunt waterfowl. But to take it is sometimes impossible: impenetrable swamps, marshes, sibony, impassable reeds. A lot I was thinking how and what to get there. And stopped water skiing special design. They will go everywhere. But what to make? A search began.

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PRINTOUT Information stored in the computer, it is sometimes necessary to put on paper. The result typically looks like a stack of A4 sheets, stapled one side with a stapler. But easier would be to have a printout in the form of smaller format books, a small notebook of nested into each other bent sheets, or (if the pages of many) of several such notebooks, stitched together. How can that be?

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To cut large office furniture comfortable when placed on the wooden trestles. However, in the process, the surface of boards can get scratched. To prevent this, wheels should attach a few scraps motorcycle or Bicycle tires: they will prevent the polishing or plastic lining shields from scratches.


OIL In the multi-individual homes usually have Autonomous water supply system, which consists of a boiler, pipes, radiators and the surge tank. The inner walls of the tank is always wet from the constant evaporation and wetting with the expansion of water in the heating system. The reservoir is intensely rust inside and rust and fills the system, threatening congestion.

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