HOME BATHThrifty when the owner erected a cottage or manor house, then after (and maybe during) a desire to build bath. It happened to me. First of all analysed the options for baths, which I had to bathe or just to see them. Remembered what I liked and what not. And read all the available literature on the subject. Whatever you say, and the main “bath” is a furnace, so the “dance” started for her — decided on its design and location in the bath. With the wall material of the questions was not clearly wood: a log or lumber, and of such thickness that could make bathing even in winter when they are particularly pleasant and helpful.

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Building a country house, we try to protect it from the damaging effects of fire: use heat-resistant materials, buy fire extinguishers, installed fire alarm. But the protection from lightning often forget.

One of the possible reasons for the neglect of our countrymen to this question is that building regulations do not consider mandatory lightning protection of buildings with a height less than 30 m. in addition, many people used to hope for the best convincing myself that the likelihood of an electrical discharge in their vacation home is almost zero.

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LINOLEUM AND MIFI ON ITOne of the oldest and most common flooring in our country — the linoleum. Over time, this popular material have changed and improved, but in the memory of buyers are still alive old stereotypes. They often give rise to myths which we will try to debunk.

Myth 1. Linoleum is not a safe materials

It should be noted that the original linoleum was a completely natural material made from flax, oil and resin. Modern flooring materials are mainly produced from synthetic polymer — polyvinyl chloride (PVC). In Europe and the USA they are called not linoleum and PVC coatings. In Russia, however, prefer to use the old name.

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THE FORGE OF THE SIX BRICKSThe tinkerers are often faced with the need to forge some tools or household items. A temporary forge is easy to make from scrap vehicles. Enough six refractory bricks, blowtorch and improvised grates, made of steel strips with a thickness of 3-4 mm. In a fire-proof place folded, as shown in figure 1, the horn of bricks. On the bottom put two trimming water pipes, and on these bars, so that between it and the bottom bricks there is a gap. The grate is transverse slats of the grille is a little bent, so they seized the flame of a blowtorch and sent up.

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