THE CAR ON AUTOPILOT (CHINA)The experiment conducted a month ago demonstrated the effectiveness of an Autonomous vehicle created by celestial craftsmen.

Until Google perfects the ways of control of vehicle without human intervention and lobbying for the legalization of such transportation, in China, too for nothing do not lose time. Engineers from the National University of defense technology, along with the automaker First Auto Works robocuprescue sedan Hongqi Q3.

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SECURITY ALARMThis is a safety alarm device (SLD) is designed to automatically alarm (electrozone) in the case of penetration of unauthorized persons in the protected object — an apartment, dacha, garage. It is more immunity and no false positives. The unit is powered by 12-volt battery GB1 of the eight cells that consume standby current less than 5 mA.

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WOOD ENGINEERINGSay, in the Urals during the difficult years of chaos after the civil war an artificer built a car where everything was wooden, even the engine. However, if the wizard so the echo legendary as Leskov’s Levsha, here the use of wood instead of metal in the most important nodes in modern machinery: rolling mills, tractors, cranes, harvesters — not a legend, but a reality of our days.

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In the closet or the wardrobe of any design there are shelves or brackets, hangers for placement and headwear, and outerwear, and shirts. But ties — no special device, except that the cord or the wire cross member on the door, designed in General more for belts. Between there’s the usual wooden hangers are easy Read more…


Cord electric soldering iron is typically not heat-resistant insulation. Therefore at its hit on a hot tip, perhaps a quick melt insulation and short circuit of wires. To avoid this, it is necessary to wear a cord round the required number of ceramic insulators that are used in the irons and frying cabinets. Plug contemporary Read more…


THE FORGE OF THE SIX BRICKSThe tinkerers are often faced with the need to forge some tools or household items. A temporary forge is easy to make from scrap vehicles. Enough six refractory bricks, blowtorch and improvised grates, made of steel strips with a thickness of 3-4 mm. In a fire-proof place folded, as shown in figure 1, the horn of bricks. On the bottom put two trimming water pipes, and on these bars, so that between it and the bottom bricks there is a gap. The grate is transverse slats of the grille is a little bent, so they seized the flame of a blowtorch and sent up.

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