THE INSTRUMENT OF THE MIRACLE WATERLong known as enjoyed a fabulous “live” and “dead” water Prince Ivan. Surprisingly, the principle of treatment it is obtained by electrolysis, is the same. First sore spot, for example the tonsils, eczema, hemorrhoids, rheumatic joints — processed “dead” water, then, after 10 minutes of “living”. At the same time, part of “living” water is consumed.
For “live” and “dead” water is composed of a rectifier for 220 V with two stainless steel electrodes. One of the electrodes, such as anode (2) placed in a canvas pouch (3), which is half liter cans (7) and serves to momentarily separate the anode (“dead”) and cathode (“live”) water after turning the unit off.

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VETRYACHOK FIREFLYVetryachok — product is easy and can say ancient. But being a toy dynamic, it could bring a significant revival in the serene landscape of a suburban area or a vegetable garden, especially in the period of their development, when not grown more tall trees and shrubs, attracting the attention of not only children but also adults.
But besides the fun of vetryachok, mounted on the parcel of land will provide practical services. Thus, the rotation of the screw and turns the weather vane deter uninvited feathered guests during maturation on the trees of fruits and berries. In addition, the vibration of the vetryachka via a pole stuck in the ground, is transmitted into the ground and strikes fear in the shrew-moles, if they suddenly wind up on your site. And again. Vetryachok will help you to determine the direction of the wind, and about his power.

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HANGING KOLESNITSAFurniture cupboard for shoes, of course, brings a certain order into the hallway. However, if the room is small, then it is in the way. I wouldn’t say the original soft “column”, which can be simply hung in the corner or even on the front door. Does not occupy space, can accommodate any footwear, and most importantly — see where what is.

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In the closet or the wardrobe of any design there are shelves or brackets, hangers for placement and headwear, and outerwear, and shirts. But ties — no special device, except that the cord or the wire cross member on the door, designed in General more for belts. Between there’s the usual wooden hangers are easy Read more…


Cord electric soldering iron is typically not heat-resistant insulation. Therefore at its hit on a hot tip, perhaps a quick melt insulation and short circuit of wires. To avoid this, it is necessary to wear a cord round the required number of ceramic insulators that are used in the irons and frying cabinets. Plug contemporary Read more…