SNOWBOARDSSnowboarding is a sport that has gained huge popularity in most ski centers all over the world. Similar to skateboarding, plus the unforgettable romantic mountain peaks attracted to this sport more and more people of different ages.
Many believe that learning to snowboard is easier than skiing, and that the Board provides more freedom to perform different tricks and pirouettes. However, regardless of this You need to learn some things, which is the basis of snowboarding, and which are necessary for the correct selection of equipment for skiing.

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DOOR-MESH“Ah, summer red, I would love you, if not for the heat, and dust, Yes mosquitoes, Yes flies!” Who would not think of these Pushkin’s lines, “fighting” in a country house or cottage with pesky insects, attacking tourists through the open Windows and doors. But it’s not going to trap myself in a closed room, came specially to get some fresh air. So start experimenting with a gauze canopy or curtains.

The main object of “defense” from the omnipresent flies, of course, the front door as the most frequently opened or open permanently for ventilation. And the most effective way to protect here, as shown, — additional mesh door hung on existing door frame: the entrance is almost closed, but available for the penetration of fresh air.

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TRUCK GAZ-53AOne of the most popular Soviet postwar trucks became the GAZ-51 or, as it was called drivers, is “lawn”. Released in 1946, this 2.5-ton vehicle became the basis for many specialized vehicles — trucks, tractors, vans, tankers, cranes and buses. However, as time went on, and won the national love the truck gradually handed over their positions — the country needed a more powerful, higher gross weight and higher speed machine.

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BUGGY RACING WITHOUT ROADSEvery Sunday the gates are opened to the sports section “Buggy ERMZ”. To the factory yard with the characteristic of motorcycle engines crack go dirt buggy. Today exercise. Guys this day is going to the most and everyone wants to try the forces in front of its closest competition, after all, to drive lucky one who has shown the best result of training and worked hard in the creation and preparation of the machine for the contest. The guys mostly 16-20 years, many of them are passionate about technology with 3-5 grade and have Sidney wit. Sports for them is a favorite form of leisure. But soon they will graduate come to the production, army groups, and the technical knowledge and practical sports skills, fitness, purchased in the sports section, will probably come in handy in life. Practice shows that those who engaged in technical sports, proactive and hardworking in the production, they usually say “Jack of all trades”.

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PLATES - SETWhen construction troubles in the suburban area behind, and finally, there is not just a roof over my head, and housing, regardless of how large or small, there is another problem — the improvement that is built.

Many do not consider this to be a problem, but just dumped here the old furniture that was unnecessary in a city apartment. But if it helps at first, then over time becoming more visible in its foreignness, a mismatch between the features of a country house, even if the walls of the rooms are covered in the city, the most beautiful Wallpapers.

The specifics of the house requires a different approach to interior decoration, especially furniture. Not by chance there is a desire to do it yourself and not by city standards, and not from traditional “the panel” (panel-mounted) materials.

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SHOWERFor water treatment there are many different devices. In Russia we have a traditional of them is bath, bathtub, shower. The people noticed that the bath treats, bath — relaxing, but invigorating shower. Besides, a shower is the most rapid form of bathing, which does not require any special preparations. In my view, it (the shower) and the most economical of these. Here I am, having a bath in the garden tub and in the house he decided to shower and use the tub as a sump. But the tub was already old, and on “family Council” decided that this version of us is not so necessary. Just need one soul, arranging him in the bath — in the corner of the boiler house extension to the house, where there was a gas boiler. It’s warm even in the bitter Siberian winter, besides eating and sanitation.

The preparatory work consisted of dismantling the old tub and the acquisition of missing materials. But I must say that both were not big problems and work.

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Heat exchanger

Fig. 1. Solar water heater on the roofThe same heat that we feel from sunlight, can be used for household needs in the suburban area — for example, for heating water for shower, dishes or watering plants. A device of this solar heater is simple. Just need the roof set so-called heat exchanger coiled hose connected to the tank with water.

Immediately it should be noted that for water heating solar heat exchanger is suitable mainly in the spring, summer and early fall (the use of this design in a cold time requires expensive, quite complex, alterations).

The proposed solution is best used for suburban areas not connected to the mains and has a sloping roof (Fig.1). The basis of design — tubular plastic heat exchanger, Packed in a box with dimensions 2×1 m. Its own one-time capacity of approximately 20 liters. Naturally, this is not enough, so you must mount and connect the tank, which will refill the system with water as it is warming up and use.

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POURDebilitating heat, thunderstorms with occasional showers, shallow wells and streams, and ultimately missing the harvest of root crops, dried berry bushes and fruit trees.

As is well known, especially in the hot summer surface irrigation does not bring the desired result of the sun instantly dries the water leaving the green friends without life-giving water.

Meanwhile, there is a method of intra-metered irrigation, allowing for minimal amount of water to deliver it directly to the roots, providing a continuous supply of moisture.

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BIKE FOR 25 PEOPLE22-meter long bike rides only on straight roads at 60 miles an hour.

Plumber from England Colin is the Queen built a 22-meter-long motorcycle, with a capacity of 25 passengers. The miracle of technology not just exists, but goes roads. The maximum vehicle speed of about 60 kilometers per hour.

The Queen sent the video and eyewitness accounts to the Commission, which considers applications to the Guinness Book of records.

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BRAIN FOODGerman and Dutch scientists first discovered an alternate power source for the brain. Because previously it was thought that the brain runs exclusively on glucose. Using spectral analysis, scientists have discovered that the brain receives from the incoming blood not only glucose but also lactate — lactic acid, the increase in the content which is observed when the mismatch of oxygen into tissue and energy costs, that is, when active muscular work. Thus, the energy “waste” is supplied by the muscles, are used by brain as energy.

The study, neuroscientists showed that the brain, like muscles, in a situation when the body is working at the limit of their capabilities and the level of sugar in the blood decreases to a critical value, starts to feed on the lactate, not glucose. This discovery explained why the brain is able to work at the same level, even when other tissues and organs begin to consume several times more glucose and oxygen than usual. The brain is just another mechanism to maintain their own life in the conditions when working muscles need glucose.

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