RC FOAMIn this post we will talk about the design of foam electrics.

In recent years modelers have gained access to great material to create flying models. This is a finishing foam ceiling panel with dimensions of 500×500 mm with a thickness of from 3 to 6 mm. a Large part of such panels from the front side is decorated with various raised patterns, but the market fall and the leaves with a smooth surface — that they should be given preference. From these panels, you can produce almost all the main parts of the model from the wing spars and ribs to of the fuselage frames and plating. By the way, if you could purchase a plate of 6 mm thickness, it is easy to do a 3-mm plate, spreading the workpiece on two 3-mm with a glow current of nichrome wire.

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BUGGY RACING WITHOUT ROADSEvery Sunday the gates are opened to the sports section “Buggy ERMZ”. To the factory yard with the characteristic of motorcycle engines crack go dirt buggy. Today exercise. Guys this day is going to the most and everyone wants to try the forces in front of its closest competition, after all, to drive lucky one who has shown the best result of training and worked hard in the creation and preparation of the machine for the contest. The guys mostly 16-20 years, many of them are passionate about technology with 3-5 grade and have Sidney wit. Sports for them is a favorite form of leisure. But soon they will graduate come to the production, army groups, and the technical knowledge and practical sports skills, fitness, purchased in the sports section, will probably come in handy in life. Practice shows that those who engaged in technical sports, proactive and hardworking in the production, they usually say “Jack of all trades”.

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POURDebilitating heat, thunderstorms with occasional showers, shallow wells and streams, and ultimately missing the harvest of root crops, dried berry bushes and fruit trees.

As is well known, especially in the hot summer surface irrigation does not bring the desired result of the sun instantly dries the water leaving the green friends without life-giving water.

Meanwhile, there is a method of intra-metered irrigation, allowing for minimal amount of water to deliver it directly to the roots, providing a continuous supply of moisture.

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WOOD ENGINEERINGSay, in the Urals during the difficult years of chaos after the civil war an artificer built a car where everything was wooden, even the engine. However, if the wizard so the echo legendary as Leskov’s Levsha, here the use of wood instead of metal in the most important nodes in modern machinery: rolling mills, tractors, cranes, harvesters — not a legend, but a reality of our days.

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