Of course, most men who have garden land or an allotment, there is a walking tractor or tiller, and even Soviet-style — type “Mole”, “Bee”, “Ural”. About them will be discussed.
Usually in the second year of operation of such lawn and gardening equipment after winter storage, there is a problem with starting the engine. And the next seasons of arable happens that stalled during spring work in the greenhouse already and will not start at all!
As in all other life situations, there are certain “internal” reasons.

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VEGETABLE HARVESTERCultivation of land, planting (or seeding) of crops, care for them — it is not only troublesome, but also difficult. Even those who got a dacha, or garden vegetable garden so that you have room to stretch at your leisure or to work for mother earth for his own pleasure, trying to facilitate and mechanize the works listed above.
With this purpose we have designed multifunctional garden unit on the basis of two-wheeled carts. With its help it is possible the device furrows on the previously loosened (plowed or cultivated) soil, the hoeing of root crops, mechanical weeding between rows, sowing seeds of agricultural crops. To perform the above operations, the unit is equipped with corresponding replaceable hinged equipment. Besides, the truck can be used for its intended purpose — for the manual handling of loads weighing up to 80 kg for short distances.

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WINCH PLOW...Many rural Amateur designers rightly considered the most promising motoliberty tillage unit. However, it is not without drawbacks. And chief among them is the need every time to drag a heavy plow from the end of the furrow to the beginning, at the same time shifting the very motoliberty a distance equal Majboroda. The fact that in this case the power unit and tillers separated.

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The device, which I have called “cappenberg”, I constructed at the time when he decided to make an improvised wheels for walking tractor. Wheels with a diameter of 320 mm were cut using this tool.
With a small hand held cutting machine (popularly referred to as “Bulgarian”) model GREAPO PG125SE, made her a simple, but reliable, and most importantly—the right fixture for cutting parts in the form of a circle of sheet metal or holes in it.

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THE TRUCK WAS A TRACTORI’m a longtime, or rather, hereditary subscriber of the journal “modelist-Konstruktor“. First (1972) the journal was written by my father – Galkin Grigory Petrovich (he is now 80 years old), and then myself. Since the beginning of the output of the app “Aviacollection” – sign on him.
How many can remember, our yard has always been the vehicles. Love for her father has passed and my brother and me. In his youth are still fascinated by aviation. Under the influence magazine chose and the profession: graduated from Vyborg technical school and got the specialty of aviation mechanic. Worked for 21 years with a touch of 7,000 hours of on-Board engineer for the Mi-8 helicopter in the far North.
At the end of 1990-x years the father retired (although he worked another 7 years – 8 at the request of the leadership – he was a good crane operator). At the same time he built the tractor, so that it can serve the readers of “M-K“.

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MICROTRACKER Almost from childhood read the magazine “modelist-Konstruktor”. It has taught a lot of information about new designs, interesting ideas. Inspired by the publication in the journal, while still a high school student, remade old bike in all-terrain vehicle on low-pressure tires, then made a snowmobile with a crawler gear. And still with great pleasure interested in technical creativity.

To date, gained sufficient experience (as I believe) in the production of different capacity, design and purpose tractors.

One of my machines — microtracker “Bee”. So I called him for trouble-free performance, and more — for small dimensions and good maneuverability.

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POURDebilitating heat, thunderstorms with occasional showers, shallow wells and streams, and ultimately missing the harvest of root crops, dried berry bushes and fruit trees.

As is well known, especially in the hot summer surface irrigation does not bring the desired result of the sun instantly dries the water leaving the green friends without life-giving water.

Meanwhile, there is a method of intra-metered irrigation, allowing for minimal amount of water to deliver it directly to the roots, providing a continuous supply of moisture.

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